Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Zoo

We had a cool front come in and the weather has been so beautiful :) I have been wanting to take Evan to the  
Zoo for awhile now as they have opened up a new African exhibit and you can also feed the giraffes :) Also, being pregnant I wanted to go before I got to big and the weather was too hot! It was just Evan and I and we had a really nice time :)
My little reptile man :) He had me take a picture of every reptile in the building but everything is behind glass so it is hard to get a good picture...he thinks it is so funny that his Grandpa doesn't like snakes so every time he said- send this picture to Grandpa :)
Evan hanging out with the Kimono dragon :)
Sweet baby elephant :)

By chance we ran into Evan's buddy Ryleigh...Really not sure why Evan has such a hard time just looking at the camera and smiling :) 
We all went into the petting zoo
And then we got to feed the giraffes :) It was super cool...but they sure can snatch up that lettus quick :) That is quite the tongue he has :) you have anymore??? :)
Buddy's posing with the giraffe statue :) We said good bye to our friends...enjoyed some dippen dots made a stop into the gift shop and headed home...

We didn't get to the high way before he was passed out :) I guess that is what walking around the Zoo for 3.5 hours will do to you :) 

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