Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday mania :)

So my sweet friend Brittany drove down from Ft. Worth with her 2 kiddos and Evan could not be more excited to see his buddy Blake :) I was pretty excited to see her and her beautiful babies as well :)
We had lunch with Brittany and the kids before she headed back to Ft. Worth...the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to Evan and put the ice cream on his nose :)
Wednesday was Evan's real Birthday and since it was my mom and grandma's last full day in town I was going to keep Evan home from school...however, when Evan realised he would have to miss pajama day he wanted to go to school which shocked me because he still does not really like school- so needless to say I took him to school :) Here he is with his buddy Brandon :)
I was trying to get a picture of my mom and my grandma and myself the hole time they were here as I am carrying the fourth generation of woman in our family but it never worked out except for this shot that I asked a woman outside of the airport to least I have something :) Thank you so much for coming mom and grandma!!! Your help was greatly appreciated and we LOVE having y'all visit :) Evan misses you both so much!!! 
Evan with his cookie cake treat for his school birthday celebration :)
Evan sitting with Miranda...they also celebrated her birthday that day as well :) 

WE MADE IT!!! Evan's Birthday is officially over :) He is now the big 5 :) 

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