Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are you thinking what I'm thinking???

We just left Evan's dear friend Katie's house after a really fun swim play date :) So fun I didn't even get up and take any pictures :) But the kiddos really had a blast & I do enjoy chatting with the mommies :) So we were on our way home and I had called Bryan to see where he wanted to go for dinner and we both couldn't decide so I got off the phone and heard Evan say... Mommy...are you thinking what I'm thinking? Which just cracks me up :) And I usually have NO idea what is to follow so I said no honey what are you thinking? And he said lets eat at Chipotle- we haven't had that in a long time :) Oh my gosh this kid cracks me up :) So we picked up daddy and headed on over to Chipotle :)

A sweet new blessing: Meet Tinsley Lee Ann :)
Proud new papa feeding his new sweet girl :)
Bryan holding his best friends new little one- sweet Tinsley :) 

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  1. Oh, she is so precious and I LOVE her name! Send them my congrats. Now Bryan can practice spoiling a sweet little girl until your precious one arrives! :)