Friday, April 15, 2011

20 weeks.........

Here is a sneak peak of our sweet girl :) These pictures were from an ultrasound I had about 2 weeks ago where we spent 2.5 hours talking and having this ultrasound with a fetal maternal specialist.  She looks great and we couldn't be happier :) I can not believe I am at the half way point! I would be lying though if I didn't tell you I was still worried...maybe because we had a miscarriage (even though that happened early on in the pregnancy) maybe because I have a friend who lost her little love 3 weeks before delivery, maybe because I read too much, maybe because it is natural to worry...I do however, believe in God's Will and I know only He knows the ultimate plan! So I continue to pray for her, to meet her and be given the chance to raise her :) And  for any reason if that is not His plan...than for me than to have peace in my heart. 

She needs a name :) It is driving me crazy that she doesn't have a first name yet! Her middle will be Ann after my mom and myself and of course her last name will be Gross even though for the 3rd time since we have been married Bryan is thinking of changing it :) he he...So she needs a first name that Bryan and I both love! My 17 year old cousin (male of course :) ) thought a good name would be luscious! Ha...So that has been the big joke! However, we will not be doing that to our daughter :) Evan has said Jesus all along...and most recently he suggested leaf, and candy...Sorry buddy... that's a no go :) So we are still on the search for the perfect name for our little blessing. I will let you know when we figure it out :) 


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