Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are you thinking what I'm thinking???

We just left Evan's dear friend Katie's house after a really fun swim play date :) So fun I didn't even get up and take any pictures :) But the kiddos really had a blast & I do enjoy chatting with the mommies :) So we were on our way home and I had called Bryan to see where he wanted to go for dinner and we both couldn't decide so I got off the phone and heard Evan say... Mommy...are you thinking what I'm thinking? Which just cracks me up :) And I usually have NO idea what is to follow so I said no honey what are you thinking? And he said lets eat at Chipotle- we haven't had that in a long time :) Oh my gosh this kid cracks me up :) So we picked up daddy and headed on over to Chipotle :)

A sweet new blessing: Meet Tinsley Lee Ann :)
Proud new papa feeding his new sweet girl :)
Bryan holding his best friends new little one- sweet Tinsley :) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kung Fu

So last Thursday we did a trial Kung Fu class.  It is at this place Bryan picked out that does a mixture of all forms of traditional Koren martial arts. The trial class was just between him and an instructor and Evan really seemed to like it :) So we signed him up for the program which is 2 nights a week. I am on the fence...I do not like that it is at night- as a stay at home mom I like for things to be during the day and family and bedtime to be at night but they only offer night classes and I am concerned that it may promote violence outside of there facility...I do however love the respect and discipline of it :) We will see as for now he is excited about it :)

Today was his first real class...And oh my...he is the youngest by far and they have all different color belt colors in the room but he did pretty well even with the whole new language as they have terms for everything and count in Koren... When he was doing the private part I caught him yawning a few times but I think it was because he was really tired...He did try really hard :) I didn't take any pictures of him during practice because I am not sure if I am suppose to...& I didn't want to have to drop and give them some push up's-you know being pregnant and all...:) I'll have to ask next time :) He was so super excited that at the end of class he was brought to the front and given his white belt :) I must say it was a cute little ceremony- I may have even shed a little tear but I won't tell :) 
This is the worst picture ever! But the only one I have with his white belt as the instructor came to talk to me and then he wanted no part of pictures so I will have to take a better one on Thursday...If I can remember how to tie the thing- they gave me a little tutorial but we will see :) :) :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

One of these are not like the other :)

YES...We are all pregnant :) :) :) But...
My sister is having a BOY :)
 It's hard to believe my sister and I are in a place in our life where we were both ready to have our second children :) The funny part is we were both pregnant at the same time! If I hadn't miscarried the baby we would have had the same due date...all with out trying!!! I mean we both were trying to expand our family's we just weren't planning on doing it together...But that wasn't God's plan :) God did however let me become pregnant again 4 months later :) And if it is His will our baby's will be 4 months apart. I just wish she didn't live in Iowa so our little's could enjoy some good ole cousin fun :) :) :) 
In this picture I had just found out I was pregnant 2 days before Evan and I went back home to Wisconsin :) What a treat it was to be able to tell my family we were pregnant in person :)
The Girls!!! 
Dina, Shae and I are all having girls :) I couldn't be more excited to meet them! And have play dates of course :)
Paula (my sister) and Shae are due any day now and Dina is due at the end of May...All of them leaving me to suffer in the Houston summer heat alone :) he he he... I can not wait to meet all of these little blessings!!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hip Hop Hippidy Hop :)

Easter is on the way...

April Birthdays!!!

A Big Happy Birthday to our sweet friends!!! I haven't been feeling so great lately so I haven't posted as much as I would like but we haven't forgotten our little friends :)

Makena turned 3!!! I can not believe she is 3 as Brittany was pregnant with her when Evan and Blake meet at mothers day out! She has grown up so much! :)
We went to Ben friends party on Friday :) It's hard to believe our boys are 5!!! We meet Ben's sweet parents in Lamaze class and we have been friends ever since! So I guess you could say our boys meet in the womb :) he he...God works in amazing ways as Ben and Evan will both be big brothers to sisters that will be about 3 months apart :) We are so excited to have are seconds together as well :)

Katie also turned 5!!! She is such a sweet girl! Evan and I love her very much :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

20 weeks.........

Here is a sneak peak of our sweet girl :) These pictures were from an ultrasound I had about 2 weeks ago where we spent 2.5 hours talking and having this ultrasound with a fetal maternal specialist.  She looks great and we couldn't be happier :) I can not believe I am at the half way point! I would be lying though if I didn't tell you I was still worried...maybe because we had a miscarriage (even though that happened early on in the pregnancy) maybe because I have a friend who lost her little love 3 weeks before delivery, maybe because I read too much, maybe because it is natural to worry...I do however, believe in God's Will and I know only He knows the ultimate plan! So I continue to pray for her, to meet her and be given the chance to raise her :) And  for any reason if that is not His plan...than for me than to have peace in my heart. 

She needs a name :) It is driving me crazy that she doesn't have a first name yet! Her middle will be Ann after my mom and myself and of course her last name will be Gross even though for the 3rd time since we have been married Bryan is thinking of changing it :) he he...So she needs a first name that Bryan and I both love! My 17 year old cousin (male of course :) ) thought a good name would be luscious! Ha...So that has been the big joke! However, we will not be doing that to our daughter :) Evan has said Jesus all along...and most recently he suggested leaf, and candy...Sorry buddy... that's a no go :) So we are still on the search for the perfect name for our little blessing. I will let you know when we figure it out :) 


Birthday mania :)

So my sweet friend Brittany drove down from Ft. Worth with her 2 kiddos and Evan could not be more excited to see his buddy Blake :) I was pretty excited to see her and her beautiful babies as well :)
We had lunch with Brittany and the kids before she headed back to Ft. Worth...the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to Evan and put the ice cream on his nose :)
Wednesday was Evan's real Birthday and since it was my mom and grandma's last full day in town I was going to keep Evan home from school...however, when Evan realised he would have to miss pajama day he wanted to go to school which shocked me because he still does not really like school- so needless to say I took him to school :) Here he is with his buddy Brandon :)
I was trying to get a picture of my mom and my grandma and myself the hole time they were here as I am carrying the fourth generation of woman in our family but it never worked out except for this shot that I asked a woman outside of the airport to least I have something :) Thank you so much for coming mom and grandma!!! Your help was greatly appreciated and we LOVE having y'all visit :) Evan misses you both so much!!! 
Evan with his cookie cake treat for his school birthday celebration :)
Evan sitting with Miranda...they also celebrated her birthday that day as well :) 

WE MADE IT!!! Evan's Birthday is officially over :) He is now the big 5 :) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snakes Alive Evan is Five!!!

I can hardly believe the little boy who made me a mommy is FIVE!!! Where has the time gone? This little guy teaches me something everyday and it has been an honor getting to know him the past five years! I can not wait to see what the future holds :) To be his mommy is such a blessing! I know God has Great things planned for you my sweet boy!!! 

Evan standing next to the cupcakes his sweet grandma and Buzz & I made :) He thought the smashed up oreos looked like dirt and the gummy worms were yummy so it made it worth all the time in the kitchen :) Thank you mom and grandma for you help :) I wouldn't have made them with out you :)
Super excited to see all the bug houses...even if they were the goodie bags :)
Evan holding the pinata before they all had a chance to hit it :)
It was a special treat to have Aunt Cheryl come to the party as she lives in South Carolina...they are laughing because she was trying to give him his 5 Birthday spankings :)
Mr. Eric made it to the party and did not disappoint! Evan LOVES Mr. Eric for all his reptiles at his shop and how fun and exciting he makes learning about them. I think he is super cool because not only is he a super nice guy but you can tell he LOVES his job! 

My mom holding the scorpion...
Like mother like grandson??? :) :) :)
Evan holding the tarantula
I loved this frog...super cool :)
Evan holding a monitor but I forgot what kind...One of the only picts of him actually looking at the camera :)

Evan & the pack man frog 
Evan holding the rainbow boa 
I just included this one to show how long he was :)
This big guy was happy to get out of his little crate and say hello to everyone :)
Evan Buzz gave him a pet :)
Evan standing with Mr. Eric and the cobra!!! Evan though he has had his venom taken out I was still a bit nervous about this one :)
Evan & the giant anaconda! 
Why is Eric and everyone else laughing for that matter??? See the picture above...did you notice Evan's blue smile :) He just took a handful of M&Ms right before the pict.... sweet :)
Evan and his friends with the giant anaconda :)

Me and my crazy boys :) Holly cow this is a heavy snake :)
Make a wish my sweet boy! :)
Singing Happy Birthday :)
And some pinata fun :)
Thank you for slithering on over to Evan's 5th Birthday party you all made it an extra special one! :) 

Friday, April 1, 2011

True Friends

So we started our morning off with Evan going to the doctor for his 5 year visit which should not be too bad but he never had his 4yr immunisations last year due to having the rotovirus...Taking Evan to the doctor has always been horrible! So needless to say I have been really nervous about this visit! Yes, I did bribe him with being able to get a toy if he was really good but usually he doesn't care and is under the table hiding and not letting them near him from the get go so as you can see in the picture below it was night and day difference...Thanks be to God! He had a few moments but nothing like it usually is and in his defense we were there for over an hour and a half!!!  Yeah :) I am so proud of you buddy and I am so glad it is over :)   
Woo hoo!!! 

Evan has been so super excited that Blake was coming to town :) Evan and Blake have been friends since they were 18 months old and ever since Blake moved away last year the boys have been missing each other! They have only seen each other 1 maybe 2 times in the past year and it is amazing how they just pick up where they left off...I know you are probably thinking ummmm hello they are kids but I swear these two just have some kind of special connection :) And I love it! Evan told my mom today that his very best friend ever- Blake was coming :) They are just so cute together and we miss them dearly :( Super excited and feeling very lucky and blessed to have them come in for Evan's 5th birthday party!!! We love you guys :) :) :)