Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Words w/o picts...

Words with out pictures is really not a very exciting post but I really haven't taken many pictures the past few days...we have been getting ready for company :) As my mom and grandma and out of town friend will be coming in for Evan's Birthday party this weekend :)

Monday if I would have got a picture I could have titled it holes!!! Seriously I send my child to school clean and with nice close on and he likes to come home with holes in his pants, paint on himself and dirt all over his hands. I guess it is just a sign of my boy having a good day but man alive that kid can go through some pants :) Bryan tells me to patch his pants! All I can do is laugh at that one :) I told Bryan no one does that any more :) And my proof that no one does this in this day and age is A: have you seen a child with a patch on their pants??? and B: if you have looked at any store it's actually hard to find patches :) So no... we will not be patching the boys pants :) I will send him to school clean and hope he has a fun day :)

And today...well I am grateful for my sweet friend for keeping Evan for me for a few hours so I could get some things done around here with out Evan under toe :)

I think this will go down as one of the most boring posts I have done :) Check back in a few days :) We will liven up again :)

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