Thursday, March 31, 2011

Their here...........

So today we went to tadpole school and then we picked up my mom and grandma :) They came in for Evan's birthday :) 

Here are our chicks from last week
They have grown so much and I still want one :) 
Today the kids got to pet and feed 3 reptiles...this is a leopard gecko

Bearded dragon...
And a Savannah monitor
Eating a dead mouse...yum :)
After we got my mom and grandma we did a little shopping...Evan had a blast pushing Buzz in the wheelchair :) Poor Buzz was actually laughing as Evan bashed her into everything and at one point even made her go in 3 circles :) 
Evan and Buzz
Mom and Evan enjoying some ice cream :)
More fun is to come!!! :)

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