Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring forward...

Day's are longer and nights are shorter...spring is here and I love it! Today was Evan's first official day of spring break...and he is loving it!!! He loves the not going to school and only having fun concept :) But don't we all really :) As poor daddy headed out to work this morning Evan reminded him that he in fact was on spring break but sorry daddy you have to go to work because you don't go to school...We have a big week ahead of us so today we layed low...we did not leave the house one time...this almost never happens :) Instead we listened to the rain, snuggled, made mud pies, and enjoyed some sugar cookies :) I really want to take in this beautiful weather before we are in full summer temperatures :) So where ever you are reading this if you are on spring break or not I hope you are enjoying spring forward...for it is that time again...and have I already said I so LOVE it! :)

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