Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring break so far...

So Tuesday we were suppose to go to the Zoo...but after driving around for a VERY long time due to traffic and roads being re-directed and it being that the whole world was in that area due to spring break...the only parking I found was far away and $20.00 when to park at the Zoo is usually free... So needless to say I made the call that the Zoo would have to happen another day! So we meet everyone at the park instead :)
My little climber :)

And of course we couldn't leave with out some kind of bug!!! This was a good find :) TONS of lady bugs :) Evan released them into our flowers in the back yard :) 

We headed to the beach with this pretty lady and her family :)

The 4 big kids...checking out the bone exhibit at Moody Gardens :)

Evan hanging out with his new friend :)

Dr. Gross stepping in to operate :)

Oh this is going to be a tough one...

Better stick the tongue out in full concentration :)

Oh man...time is a ticking...

When time is running golly you just reach in there and pull it out :) All in a days work :) he he...

THE BEACH!!!!  6 kids and 3 mommy's all had a picnic lunch and played on the beach :) It was quite a bit colder than we thought...but it did not stop the kiddos from having a blast :)

The little's going for a ride :)

Collecting water for his sand castle :)

Hard work :)

And then of course just going in to go in :)

Evan and I had a blast spending the day with our friends at the beach!!! There is nothing like a good friend! 

Which brings us to today: Thursday: St Paddy's Day...I have no pictures of today as we just relaxed at home...Did some laundry, played with some play do, paid some bills, made shrinky dinks, played with the was a good and relaxing day :)

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