Thursday, March 24, 2011

New life & slim pickings...

So 21 days ago at Tadpole school the kids incubated chicken eggs!!! 

There were different kinds and different colors....we waited and we waited :) 

And was hatch day :) 
You could hear there tiny cheeping and pecking from inside...
One hatched yesterday at 4pm...Five of them hatched through the night and 2 were hatching while it was class time today with more starting :)
Here are the two trying to hatch and one from last night :)
We all cheered this little guy along! It was hard work :)

One little toe poking out :)
Then the whole foot :)  You can do it little guy!!! :)
So very close...
With one more kick he broke free from the yoke sack and was a free little chick :)
This little guy worked so very hard!!! The miracle of life!!! I so want to take one home next week! 
It was so cool to go from incubation to chick :) Evan & I are lovin Tadpole school :)

And since it was such a pretty day we headed out to get some bluebonnet pictures...But it was slim pickings I tell ya! I guess we were a little too early...we will have to try again :)

Not the best picture with the cars in the background (that I don't know how to edit) and my sons face but it is us none the less :)

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