Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Evan & I spent almost the whole day outside...
He was so funny...he hasn't been on his bike in awhile so I told him that he was doing such a good job and he was such a good bike rider :) Do you know what his reply was.......
Do you want my autograph??? Go get paper mommy and I will give you my autograph :) Oh my goodness he cracks me up!!! :) 
Here he is with one of the bee's he caught! Yes I said bee's!!! As much as I tell him not to he seems to always find a way! He has never been stung so lets hope he is not allergic! This BOY!!!!!!!
This is not the best picture as he gives me trouble sometimes not wanting his picture taken but we went to get ice cream tonight as our last night of spring break! Party's over :)

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