Thursday, March 31, 2011

Their here...........

So today we went to tadpole school and then we picked up my mom and grandma :) They came in for Evan's birthday :) 

Here are our chicks from last week
They have grown so much and I still want one :) 
Today the kids got to pet and feed 3 reptiles...this is a leopard gecko

Bearded dragon...
And a Savannah monitor
Eating a dead mouse...yum :)
After we got my mom and grandma we did a little shopping...Evan had a blast pushing Buzz in the wheelchair :) Poor Buzz was actually laughing as Evan bashed her into everything and at one point even made her go in 3 circles :) 
Evan and Buzz
Mom and Evan enjoying some ice cream :)
More fun is to come!!! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good morning

So after requesting corn dogs and pickles for breakfast...he decided to have some morning snuggles with Lilly :) This boy loves his dogs :)

Mommy take our picture...
snug as a bug in a rug...

Ok...back to some TV before school :) 
Speaking of school- I guess I better go make his lunch :) Have a happy hump day! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Words w/o picts...

Words with out pictures is really not a very exciting post but I really haven't taken many pictures the past few days...we have been getting ready for company :) As my mom and grandma and out of town friend will be coming in for Evan's Birthday party this weekend :)

Monday if I would have got a picture I could have titled it holes!!! Seriously I send my child to school clean and with nice close on and he likes to come home with holes in his pants, paint on himself and dirt all over his hands. I guess it is just a sign of my boy having a good day but man alive that kid can go through some pants :) Bryan tells me to patch his pants! All I can do is laugh at that one :) I told Bryan no one does that any more :) And my proof that no one does this in this day and age is A: have you seen a child with a patch on their pants??? and B: if you have looked at any store it's actually hard to find patches :) So no... we will not be patching the boys pants :) I will send him to school clean and hope he has a fun day :)

And today...well I am grateful for my sweet friend for keeping Evan for me for a few hours so I could get some things done around here with out Evan under toe :)

I think this will go down as one of the most boring posts I have done :) Check back in a few days :) We will liven up again :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring or fall???

Really....It defiantly feels like spring here in Texas as the temperature has been in the 80's so why is my tree just now finishing dropping its leaves! I raked up some leaves this morning for Evan to play in so I could work in the yard a bit :)

Evan waiting for me to make the pile bigger :)
And then he was off :)
Oh to be young again :)
Then we showered up and meet my super sweet friend and her new boyfriend and sister and her kids for lunch :)
This was the first time Evan got to play in the sand pit at Willies and now I know why I never really let him!!! He was 100% covered in sand! The kids did play in it forever...which was nice for the adults to be able to talk :)
My super sweet friend Pilar and her new man :) Thank you sooooo much for lunch today girl :) It was a beautiful day to spend with my beautiful friend :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Birthday & BIG news :)

So Today is my Birthday! 10 years ago today Bryan and I got engaged! And life has just gotten better and better with each passing year :) Almost 5 years ago my sweet boy changed my life forever by making me a mommy :) And for those of you who may not know yet...well I will let Evan tell you :) :) :) is true! I do have a baby in my belly :) And today we found out that God has not only blessed us with the gift of being parents again but we are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be more thrilled! :)

After such an exciting morning my sweet husband took me to our favorite! To see Cirque du soleil. And this show was going to have bug's involved so we decided to take our little man...He did Great! I think I watched his little face light up more than the show! 

Even though he didn't want his picture taken he thought the fact that we got to go into the big tents was super cool :)

Trying on the crazy hats :)
Too cute!
This one is a little creepy :) 

Our little family of 3...about to be 4 :) 

For God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and child! The day could not have been better :) I love you both!!! And to my sweet mother in law who came to my house 2 times today to help us very kind... And to my momma and sister who sang me a sweet Birthday song :) And for the Birthday cards in my mail box :) Oh how I love mail :) And for my dear sweet friends who called, texted, facebooked me such wonderful all touched me today with all your kind words!!! For your friendship is such a gift and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!!! I am just on cloud 9...I hope this Birthday high lasts forever :) :) :) 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New life & slim pickings...

So 21 days ago at Tadpole school the kids incubated chicken eggs!!! 

There were different kinds and different colors....we waited and we waited :) 

And was hatch day :) 
You could hear there tiny cheeping and pecking from inside...
One hatched yesterday at 4pm...Five of them hatched through the night and 2 were hatching while it was class time today with more starting :)
Here are the two trying to hatch and one from last night :)
We all cheered this little guy along! It was hard work :)

One little toe poking out :)
Then the whole foot :)  You can do it little guy!!! :)
So very close...
With one more kick he broke free from the yoke sack and was a free little chick :)
This little guy worked so very hard!!! The miracle of life!!! I so want to take one home next week! 
It was so cool to go from incubation to chick :) Evan & I are lovin Tadpole school :)

And since it was such a pretty day we headed out to get some bluebonnet pictures...But it was slim pickings I tell ya! I guess we were a little too early...we will have to try again :)

Not the best picture with the cars in the background (that I don't know how to edit) and my sons face but it is us none the less :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


So today was Evan's first day back to pre-school...and it went a lot better than I thought it would :) As we were driving to school we saw lots of patches of these wild butter cup flowers and he asked if after school we could stop and pick he was really happy after school when we were able to do so :) My nature boy loves flowers :)

Thank you for the picture Evan :) Now you may pick :)
Roots and all baby :)
Oh how I love him so!!! And I am soooo going to miss the day that all the flowers he picks are not for me any more :( 
While Evan was at school I was able to go to my MOMS meeting! I really enjoy going!!! And Ms. Kathy made us this super cool rainbow cake :) Evan thinks she is the best cooker ever!!! :) Thank you for sharing such a super cool cake Ms. Kathy :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Evan & I spent almost the whole day outside...
He was so funny...he hasn't been on his bike in awhile so I told him that he was doing such a good job and he was such a good bike rider :) Do you know what his reply was.......
Do you want my autograph??? Go get paper mommy and I will give you my autograph :) Oh my goodness he cracks me up!!! :) 
Here he is with one of the bee's he caught! Yes I said bee's!!! As much as I tell him not to he seems to always find a way! He has never been stung so lets hope he is not allergic! This BOY!!!!!!!
This is not the best picture as he gives me trouble sometimes not wanting his picture taken but we went to get ice cream tonight as our last night of spring break! Party's over :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So it's Rodeo time here in Houston! Well it has been for the last 2 weeks :)

Bryan got tickets to the Rodeos BBQ cook off so we went to that...It's all about eating BBQ :) And the carnival is also open but the cook off starts the rodeo so the animals and such was not there yet.
In the tent where we got our BBQ the kids could decorate their own cupcake :)

Evan going down on one of the 2 big slides :)

I still can not believe Evan wanted to ride this HUGE roller coaster!!! 

And he liked  it :)  Imagine that :)
Some ring toss :)
He through darts at balloons...until he won...
this :)

Evan giving me the I love you sign as he waited for the ride to start :) So cute! I love when he just does it out of nowhere :)
A thumbs up and the ride is a go :)
All smiles in the middle of the ride :)
And a pouty lip as it was time to go! Poor kid has it so rough :)

Then it was Rodeo day at his school.............................
The day did not start off well as he wanted no part of his cowboy clothes...and when I showed up for the festivities it only got worse :(
Here he is trying not to smile with his 2 buddies 
A class picture...what you don't see Evan...he is in the next picture!
Oh yes!!! That would be my child...the one hiding in the back!!! 
The song and dance part was no better! He was just something else! Holding the rope was about as much as he participated in this rodeo's over :( 

And on Friday (3/18) we went to the Rodeo one last time! To see the animals of course :)
Evan LOVES animals!!! :)
The babies were sooooo cute!
Hello babies :)
We meet our friends- Kristie, Chuck and their 2 boys :) 
Evan liked digging in the worms so much we had to check it out a second time :)
Evan and Devin climbing up a fun house :) The boys had a blast together :)

I have no picts of Evan eating any good food as he was having no part of it...

And my love child sticking his tongue out as he now really wants no part of the camera :(  He did however, enjoy the rides, winning another stuffed animal and some more cotton candy :) I also may have enjoyed a super yummy bag of kettle corn...but I'll never tell :) he he he...