Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tadpole School

In the indoor tree...waiting for class to begin :)

I can not believe these are the only pictures I took!!! Today was Evan's first day of Tadpole school at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center and oh my stars was this little boy in heaven!!! It is a 15 week class where they study different animals, insects exc and do a craft and nature walk and get to meet different animals. He was so excited to go and I guess that is why I only have 3 pictures from before the class started because I was so into being in the moment with him that I didn't even take out my camera :) I thought it was pretty cool too :) I liked the whole class but my favorite part was the real feathers and wings she brought in...she had both wings and a tail of a macaw bird and I know there wings are beautiful but holding them is too cool and to see how big they really are!!! Evan said his favorite part was the whole thing...when I said but if you had to pick what would it be he said getting to hold and touch the animals :) Super cool...we look forward to next week :)

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  1. Evan is so lucky to have you all as parents he is having the time of his life Tadpole school. I understand where you are coming from about only 3 pictures and being in the moment that is me a lot of the time. Just think of all the memories that these photos bring.
    Susan & Boys