Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saying goodbye :(

Saying goodbye to your family is never an easy thing to do :( I am so blessed to have the family I do!!! I am so grateful for this trip...God truly played a part in getting us all together the way He did :) Super excited for all the memories Evan and I made being back home and with the family :) I love y'all so much!!! 
Evan and Theodore...they only see each other about twice a year but this time they really did well together :) I know as they get older there relationship will only grow :) I miss not being able to be in this little boys life on a weekly basis :( Aunt Corn loves you baby!!! :)
And my one and only sibling in life...I love you girl!!! She is going to give me another nephew to love on in May :) I enjoyed our shopping time :) Some firsts for us.....he he :)

And since I am saying goodbye...goodbye trucks with snow plows on them...for we have no need for you in Texas :) he he...

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