Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Eve...

Happy New Year!!! 
Evan & Buzz 
Me & my little man :)

We started New Years Eve at my Grandma's house with pizza and cards :) And when the little's got to tried we brought them back to my parents house and got them to bed and the cards continued :) We played a new game and it was a lot of fun :) 
Here is my Grandma ringing in the New Year with some raw beef...
And my parents eating the raw beef and haring...Everyone waited until midnight to eat it and even though it is a tradition in our is one I do not mind passing on :( 
This is my sisters husband...I guess I could have just said my brother in law...he he he...Anyway he was initiated and tried both the raw beef and the haring...he is not a fan :) Proof for my sister as she feel asleep right before midnight :) 

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