Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heading home...

Oh my gosh I can not say enough how much I stress about flying!!! It starts as soon as I consider going home or anywhere on a plane...then once the tickets are made...I try and let go of it...I tell myself that is it crazy and it is not going to keep me from going places!!! And then at the 24 hour pre flight mark It happens I really start to stress :( I know it is crazy and I know once I step foot on the plain everything is out of my control and it just scares me to death...I just about make myself sick with the worry...I constantly pray!!! God is good and we had a smooth flight home!!! I don't need to worry...well until the next time :) 
Evan chill in- in the window seat :)

 Oh ya...thanks to Grandpa looking at ( or should I say banging :) ) the DVD worked on this flight :) Oh ya...As I had to entertain him on the flight there because I couldn't get it to work...I almost went through my hole bag of tricks in that 3 hour flight :) 

This boy loves his stuffed animals...especially his HUGE kangaroo and baby kangaroo...only the baby was allowed to make the trip with us :)
See Kangie...we are almost home :)
Hello fellow airplane up in the sky... :) We are about to land!!! 
Good bye Wisconsin...until next time :)

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