Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Snow...snow...where did you go??? It rained and just about all of the snow is gone :( I am sad...but I am glad Evan got to play in it for a few days anyway...

Holly cow it is sooooo cold!!! It is New Years Day & here are a few picts of my crazy 18 year old cousin getting all ready to do the polar bear dive...jump into Lake Michigan...I so wish I would have gone but it was sooooo cold outside and they were going to take a shuttle down there and I had no idea how long we would have to wait for the shuttle and how far we would have to walk so I didn't go but they ended up driving down and no one really took pictures so now I am wishing I would have went...Oh well...
Richard went all out!!! Supporting the Wisconsin Badgers as it was the same day as the Rose Bowl :)
Oh...the things the young do :) :) :)
Crazy cousin Richard :)
Oh ya...he was thinking he was the man...wearing my Grandmas furry red robe!!! I hope this isn't why the Badgers lost the game :) he he he...

I just wanted to add a shot of Evan eating some Kringle...super yummy! I have some must have food items when I am home and Kringle is a super yummy pastry :)

I can hardly believe I have had my blog now for a year :) I am so glad to have this little space to journal our life :) And thanks for all your's cool to know someone out there is really reading it :) I can not wait to get this first year of blogging made into a scrap book!!! Woo hoo :)

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