Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tadpole School

In the indoor tree...waiting for class to begin :)

I can not believe these are the only pictures I took!!! Today was Evan's first day of Tadpole school at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center and oh my stars was this little boy in heaven!!! It is a 15 week class where they study different animals, insects exc and do a craft and nature walk and get to meet different animals. He was so excited to go and I guess that is why I only have 3 pictures from before the class started because I was so into being in the moment with him that I didn't even take out my camera :) I thought it was pretty cool too :) I liked the whole class but my favorite part was the real feathers and wings she brought in...she had both wings and a tail of a macaw bird and I know there wings are beautiful but holding them is too cool and to see how big they really are!!! Evan said his favorite part was the whole thing...when I said but if you had to pick what would it be he said getting to hold and touch the animals :) Super cool...we look forward to next week :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes... he still likes stuffed animals :)
Nope...we didn't stop at Sonic...not us :)
And then go home and watch movies in bed :) 
We would never :) :) :) We are much to productive for all of that :) :) :)
And we certainly did not order my new favorite pizza!!! Chicken, spinach, mushrooms, cheese and alfredo sauce...super yum-o!!! :) :) :)
And we didn't fall asleep nice and early only to wake up to have to go get daddy as he missed the bus...ok that part is true but I guess we can not complain :) :) :) It was a sweet Wednesday :)

UPDATE: Thank you for all of your prayers...Everyone I mentioned seems to be doing super great!!! God is sooooooooooooooooooooo Good!!! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prayer requests....

So I wouldn't normally ask for prayer requests but why not?! :) I know I do not have a lot of readers but any of you who do read this and feel like they could send a prayer up it would be greatly appreciated :) God is good...ALWAYS!!!

We started our weekend on Friday night with Evan having fever :( My poor little love was so not feeling well...It took a little more than 24 hours to break but God is good and my little love is feeling better :) I know I take our health for granted....I must thank God more for keeping us as healthy as he does as I just could not bear a serious medical condition and feel for those who do have to go through such issues with there little loves.

I also have  two friends who we have been lifting up this weekend...

One of my girlfriends lost her last living grandparent this weekend. She seems to be at peace with her loss but has a long drive to get to the services and would like prayers of safety on the road as the drive is long and the weather questionable...Lord please keep them safe in there travels and let them have peace in there hearts :)

Also, a dear friend of ours father had a heart attack on Friday and is still unconscious. He is in the ICU and they are doing a procedure on him that should be completed at 4am on Monday. We are all praying for a good outcome! We saw our friend tonight and the family all seemed to be in good spirit's at this time.  God answers prayers :) So will you join me in praying for him and his family and the medical team working on him.

My grandma is having a stint put in her leg tomorrow and I know God is good for He holds the ultimate plan :)  But as she ages I always worry about the outcome...God please watch over her and the medical staff as she has her procedure tomm :)

And while I was home this last visit I was unable to go to the hospital to see my Uncle...He has a lot going on with him at this time and I pray that he continues to get better and that the medical team can help him figure out what is going on in his body! I not only pray for him but my Aunt who is doing her very best to keep up with the ever changing news of her beloved husband of many many years!!! I love you both and I know God has His plan for you both :)

I have so many blessing to pray for!!! For God truly is good!!! I believe He has a plan for each and every one of us and even though we may not know what that is I know with Him on our side we are right where we are suppose to be! :) Thank you for reading my blog and if you feel so inclined to pray along with me I would greatly appreciate it as God answers prayers :)

I will end with one of the prayers I have been saying a lot lately :)

~A Prayer For Patience~

God, teach me to be patient, teach me to go slow,
Teach me how to wait on You when my way I do not know.

Teach me sweet forbearance when things do not go right
So I remain unruffled when others grow uptight.

Teach me how to quiet my racing, rising heart
So I might hear the answer You are trying to impart.

Teach me to let go, dear God, and pray undisturbed until
My heart is filled with inner peace and I learn to know your will.

~Helen Steiner Rice~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

So we have been back now for 3 days and today is really the first day we have even sat down... It has been go go go...I am sooooo glad to have the tree and Christmas stuff put away...I wanted to have it done before I left but it just didn't happen so it is really nice to have it out of the way...Still so much to do!!! The Gross Family has a lot going on in 2011 and I am just trying to figure it all out I do I will certainly share :) But for now it is first things first...sleep :) Good night to anyone out there reading this...good night :)

Heading home...

Oh my gosh I can not say enough how much I stress about flying!!! It starts as soon as I consider going home or anywhere on a plane...then once the tickets are made...I try and let go of it...I tell myself that is it crazy and it is not going to keep me from going places!!! And then at the 24 hour pre flight mark It happens I really start to stress :( I know it is crazy and I know once I step foot on the plain everything is out of my control and it just scares me to death...I just about make myself sick with the worry...I constantly pray!!! God is good and we had a smooth flight home!!! I don't need to worry...well until the next time :) 
Evan chill in- in the window seat :)

 Oh ya...thanks to Grandpa looking at ( or should I say banging :) ) the DVD worked on this flight :) Oh ya...As I had to entertain him on the flight there because I couldn't get it to work...I almost went through my hole bag of tricks in that 3 hour flight :) 

This boy loves his stuffed animals...especially his HUGE kangaroo and baby kangaroo...only the baby was allowed to make the trip with us :)
See Kangie...we are almost home :)
Hello fellow airplane up in the sky... :) We are about to land!!! 
Good bye Wisconsin...until next time :)

Saying goodbye :(

Saying goodbye to your family is never an easy thing to do :( I am so blessed to have the family I do!!! I am so grateful for this trip...God truly played a part in getting us all together the way He did :) Super excited for all the memories Evan and I made being back home and with the family :) I love y'all so much!!! 
Evan and Theodore...they only see each other about twice a year but this time they really did well together :) I know as they get older there relationship will only grow :) I miss not being able to be in this little boys life on a weekly basis :( Aunt Corn loves you baby!!! :)
And my one and only sibling in life...I love you girl!!! She is going to give me another nephew to love on in May :) I enjoyed our shopping time :) Some firsts for us.....he he :)

And since I am saying goodbye...goodbye trucks with snow plows on them...for we have no need for you in Texas :) he he...

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Snow...snow...where did you go??? It rained and just about all of the snow is gone :( I am sad...but I am glad Evan got to play in it for a few days anyway...

Holly cow it is sooooo cold!!! It is New Years Day & here are a few picts of my crazy 18 year old cousin getting all ready to do the polar bear dive...jump into Lake Michigan...I so wish I would have gone but it was sooooo cold outside and they were going to take a shuttle down there and I had no idea how long we would have to wait for the shuttle and how far we would have to walk so I didn't go but they ended up driving down and no one really took pictures so now I am wishing I would have went...Oh well...
Richard went all out!!! Supporting the Wisconsin Badgers as it was the same day as the Rose Bowl :)
Oh...the things the young do :) :) :)
Crazy cousin Richard :)
Oh ya...he was thinking he was the man...wearing my Grandmas furry red robe!!! I hope this isn't why the Badgers lost the game :) he he he...

I just wanted to add a shot of Evan eating some Kringle...super yummy! I have some must have food items when I am home and Kringle is a super yummy pastry :)

I can hardly believe I have had my blog now for a year :) I am so glad to have this little space to journal our life :) And thanks for all your's cool to know someone out there is really reading it :) I can not wait to get this first year of blogging made into a scrap book!!! Woo hoo :)

New Years Eve...

Happy New Year!!! 
Evan & Buzz 
Me & my little man :)

We started New Years Eve at my Grandma's house with pizza and cards :) And when the little's got to tried we brought them back to my parents house and got them to bed and the cards continued :) We played a new game and it was a lot of fun :) 
Here is my Grandma ringing in the New Year with some raw beef...
And my parents eating the raw beef and haring...Everyone waited until midnight to eat it and even though it is a tradition in our is one I do not mind passing on :( 
This is my sisters husband...I guess I could have just said my brother in law...he he he...Anyway he was initiated and tried both the raw beef and the haring...he is not a fan :) Proof for my sister as she feel asleep right before midnight :)