Friday, December 31, 2010

We made it to Wisconsin :)

Here's my big man pushing our luggage into the airport :)
Do you see what I see? That's right baby...we saw the snow from the plane :) Once we saw the snow we could not land fast enough for Evan :) I just need to say thanks be to God as he answered my prayers for a bumpy free fight :) God is good!!! 

The minute we parked in my parents drive way Evan grabbed a handful of snow :)
Grandpa making sure his ears were covered before they had a snow ball fight :)
Snow angel.....check :)
Let the snow ball fight begin :)
This is not a very clear picture but it so shows how into it this little boy is :)
Evan loving every minute of it :) It is not the winter wonderland that we had hoped for but at least there is enough snow to have some fun :)
Mommy's little snow man :)
Ewwww...don't eat the snow dude...
 Ready or it comes :)
 It's every man for himself in a snowball fight...Grandpa gets him while he is down :) Evan was having a blast!!! this little boy :)
Hey...hey...hey no getting me :) :) :)
Oh man...that was a good one :)
Oh...this face :)
Finally...we convince him to come in and warm up...but he wanted this snow ball to go in the freezer :)

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