Thursday, December 2, 2010

I want my mommy!

If Mommy's not happy...then no one is happy!!!

So I have strep throat :( I wasn't feeling so good when I went to bed Monday night and by Tuesday morning I felt horrible :( I sooo wanted my mommy! Unfortunately my mommy lives far far away and now I am the mommy so even though I felt really bad I had to do my best at being the mommy... So as Wednesday came I took my sweet little reindeer from above to school and I headed to the doctor myself. Yep, it was strep...I would have been shocked if it wasn't as the small task of even swallowing my own saliva seemed impossibly painful :( but I am now 3 doses into my antibiotic and life is getting better :) Now the trick is to see if I managed to keep it to myself and not give it to my sweet little boy or hubby... I sure hope they don't get it!
And now for a better picture of my little love :) Our Elf on a shelf has made his return...Elfy as we know him :) He joined us last year :)
And that makes for a happy little boy :) He loves to wake up and see where Elfy is...He even makes pictures for him to take back to Santa :) And yes... Bryan and I have been reminded that Elfy is watching us as well...Ummm don't want Elfy to tell Santa do will get coal :) Soooo cute! I love that he gets excited about it :) Evan also reminded me that stockings go on a mantel and he wants to put his know- yesterday! So now that I am starting to feel better I guess we better get this whole Christmas thing a moving :)

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