Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hibernating :)

So we did a lot of hibernating this weekend :) Bryan and Evan have not gotten in the car to go anywhere since Friday...I only ran out grab some food :) This is RARE for us! We are usually on the go go go :) Bryan has not been feeling well so he hasn't even really left our bedroom much and I wanted to avoid all the craziness on the road and in the stores the weekend before Christmas :) So I did a little more baking and we delivered some goodies and gifts to our neighbors...we have the best neighbors :)  
We spent a lot of time outside as well... Evan got this remote control car last year I believe but really didn't know how to work it. Today he was driving it everywhere :)
Evan made this says Evan's flag :) and lined up his buckets to make a mud castle.
He put his flag in the first bucket dump :)
Here he is making a secret back door to the castle...I am sure his acorn people will never find it :) His imagination is soring right now :)
 Mud!!! Got to love it :) I am glad he got down and dirty though...for a long time he didn't like getting his hands messy :) I have no idea where he got that from :) he he he...
And now it seems as if the castle is under attack :) 
Ok mud throwing is lets go in :)
After a lot of outside time and hanging out at home Evan got to enjoy a gingerbread man that daddy brought home from work :) 
Ummm good :) 

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