Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 2 & 3 in the frozen tundra :)

Evan going sliding in my Grandma's back yard :)
Ok...I'm ready :)
And back up again :)
I have so many memories in this back yard!!! My Grandfathers garden took a huge section of it and back by the trees is a little creek :) Many, many years of HUGE sledding ramps...we would try and make it to the creek ( you need a lot more snow :) ) Lots of snow men were made here :) Also, my mom's wedding pictures and  Bryan and my day after our wedding celebration took place here! The list could go on and on...I am so grateful to be able to share such a place with my child :)

WARNING...WARNING...WARNING...The next picture contains some partial nudity :)
So here is a picture of Evan about to throw a snow ball at my cousin in yes in underwear! He and his brother were going outside in there underwear and laying in the snow!!! I am sorry to say they actually live in Texas...hello :) They say they are practicing for the polar bear dive on New Years Day :) That's where over 5000 people go into the water of  Lake Michigan :) 
Sledding with my little love :)
And were off :)
Sledding with Grandma :) Ummm...ya...did you notice she is wearing cowboy boots :) She forgot to bring her snow boots :) he he he...Just so glad she can enjoy these activities with my little one :)
 Mom yelling because she thought they would hit me trying to take the picture :)
The 3 of us :)
He could stay out all day :)
Snow man...check   
He is a sad little snow man but there just isn't much snow to be had...
And today cousin Theodore came to town...
Hiding in my suitcase...
Double trouble :)


  1. That looks like so much fun!! Maybe I can experience real snow one day. Not just Texas snow! So glad you and Evan were able to take a trip up there and make some more memories with your family.