Thursday, December 16, 2010

Class party and some special delivery's

ROUGH day let me tell you!!! From the time my little love child woke up until he feel asleep it was a ROUGH day!!! He managed to hang in there long enough to get through his school Christmas party but barley...
They were making trees out of ice cream cones :)
Some on the tree....
  some for me... :)
Roll it in a plate of different kinds of sprinkles and...
you have an eatable tree :)

They also had a story read to them and the kids had a book exchange...just look at my child...he is about to pass out...
Here is Mr. Grump face with his wonderful teacher :)
And we have learned to cross our eyes...nice! 

I just had to include this one of Katie because she soooo made me laugh! I was just telling her mom (behind her)  that Evan just learned how to wink and then she busted out this super cute wink :) he he...

And right after we pulled out of the school parking lot my poor little exhausted boy was out like a light :) AMEN!!! :)

And then there was today:

Evan and I delivered some of our goodies...Here he is with Ms. Fiona- he soooo loves her :) 
Then crazy mommy stepped in and thought I better get a picture with Santa from the mall to use in a frame...ya, ummm I guess I forgot he has already seen Santa like 600 times so he was less than thrilled to do it one last time :(  Here he is about to make a face at the camera while in line to see Santa.
He and the pretty little girl in front of us in line played the games they had :)
Before we left the mall I let him play in the play area...Where he said mommy take my picture...He got up :)
and then stood up...
and then jumped!!! I have a wild one I tell ya! WILD :)

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