Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas preprations

So today we were going to put up some outside decorations :)
Let me boys were going to be putting up the outside decorations :) Evan was super excited to do the lights outside...he even helped carry the decorations to the tree- well until he decided looking for bugs under the tree's rocks would be way more fun :)
My master tree climber :)
After the first or second light was put in the tree..............
the massacre happened :) Bryan yet again decided to do his annual tree trimming :)
But the tree really does look better and the lights are all hung and Evan couldn't be more thrilled he got to have Christmas lights and some rubbish to play in :)
Our little nature boy :)
After spending quite a long time outside we came in an Evan made a tower taller than him :)
This evening we meet our friends at Bethlehem :) Well at church :) We have been doing this for a few years now and the boys really enjoy it :) It is all outside which is always fun :)
Here Evan and Tristan are making candles :)
Evan thought they were cool :)
The manger...
Seeing the animals :)
Getting to dress up :)
My sweet friend Val...wearing her 3 week old and holding her 13 month old as the boys took off :) Not the best expression on her face but I joked with her that its the face of a mom of 3 with 2 that are very small :) he he...She is doing great!
Our tree tonight :) You did a great job babe! It was a lot of work but the tree and the lights look so good :) Evan and I could not be more excited!
And this is not a good picture but it was taken of us last month when my dear sweet friend Brittany was in town :) And today is her Birthday!!! Happy Birthday my girl....your friendship is a true gift to me :) Love ya!!!

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