Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be still my heart...

So this afternoon Evan spotted a mint on the bar area...one he must have got for Bryan...as Evan does not like to eat mints himself but will always pick one up for his daddy as he knows Bryan eats them. So when he saw it sitting there he moved his stool over to get it and said mommy I need to wrap this up and give it to daddy...it will surprise him and make him feel better! As Bryan has not been feeling well and was in bed with a sinus infection :( So he asked me for some wrapping paper-I handed him a piece and he went to town wrapping away :)
I didn't know he knew how to wrap...it was so cute...
he wanted to get it just so...
He was so excited to tip toe into our room and put the present on Bryan's desk...I tell you for as much trouble as this kid gives me he sure can melt my heart! :)

Evan was asking and asking to do his gingerbread house...And usually Bryan does it with him every year and Bryan did start out doing it but as he isn't feeling well I had to step in...
Here is Mr.  excited! Bring on the gingerbread house :)
I told Bryan I would only take one picture of him since he wasn't feeling well...
Evan holding it into the frosting :) Once Bry had the house together he was off to bed and as Evan and I waited the 10 or so minutes for it to harden we put on his p.j's :)
This year the kit came with red and green frosting...Evan loves green so he was going to it :)
Putting on the candy :)
Oopsey :) Who let mommy in the kitchen unattended :) It was obviously not structurally sound :) he he he...
Even though the roof was falling off Evan just keep on decorating :)
We decided the roof was all that really needed to be decorated anyway :)
Actually- as long as he got to eat the frosting and candy nothing else really mattered :)

Do you see what I see :) :) :) That's right baby!!! The Valentines stuff is out!!! And before Christmas this year! I was so excited this evening at Target when I saw 2 Valentine displays I just had to share the news :) 

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  1. So sweet of Evan!! Landon gives me A LOT of trouble too most of the time, but then does the sweetest things too....like consoling and loving on his injured sister.

    We decorated our gingerbread house tonight too and had a hard time getting it to stay up. At least Evan went with the flow after the roof caved in. Mr. Perfect OCD Landon screamed and got mad when ours didn't stay up too well! :) My kids and their drama!

    I saw the Valentine's stuff at Target today too and had to do a double take. Wow! Stores just move from one holiday to the next.

    I hope Bryan feels better soon and that you all have a blessed and very Merry Christmas!