Monday, December 13, 2010

350 degrees

Holiday baking and pine cone making :) My poor oven has no idea what happened as it was on ALL day long on Sunday :) I felt like I made a TON of stuff but it seems I need to do a little more :) Evan had fun helping when he wanted to :) I didn't get to make the peanut butter blossoms yet- I call them thumbprints even though I know a thumbprint is a little different :) I have some standard things I bake every year and thumbprints I LOVE but I am hit or miss on making them...this year however they will be made! As I spent most of the day in the kitchen on Sunday I couldn't help to think of our family friend Jo Ann Wenzler. She just passed away and will be so greatly missed! She was my Grandmothers neighbor for years and years and years and a very dear family friend!!! Every year she would bring over a tin of cookies and we would all make the mad dash for the tin as she made the best cookies :) So on Sunday as I was baking I thought of her and all the years she spent making cookies as she generously gave them away...You will be missed this year Jo Ann but all the memories I have of you will live on forever :) 

 Evan stiring the ingredient's for his pine cone bird feeders :)
Rolling the pine cone into the mixture :)
And then he was off...jump...

Jump...jumping :) 

And writing his name on the trampoline...he wanted to put arrows under his name so when I took the picture you would know where to look! Ha! 
And finally the pine cone bird feeders were completed :) 

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