Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 2 & 3 in the frozen tundra :)

Evan going sliding in my Grandma's back yard :)
Ok...I'm ready :)
And back up again :)
I have so many memories in this back yard!!! My Grandfathers garden took a huge section of it and back by the trees is a little creek :) Many, many years of HUGE sledding ramps...we would try and make it to the creek ( you need a lot more snow :) ) Lots of snow men were made here :) Also, my mom's wedding pictures and  Bryan and my day after our wedding celebration took place here! The list could go on and on...I am so grateful to be able to share such a place with my child :)

WARNING...WARNING...WARNING...The next picture contains some partial nudity :)
So here is a picture of Evan about to throw a snow ball at my cousin in yes in underwear! He and his brother were going outside in there underwear and laying in the snow!!! I am sorry to say they actually live in Texas...hello :) They say they are practicing for the polar bear dive on New Years Day :) That's where over 5000 people go into the water of  Lake Michigan :) 
Sledding with my little love :)
And were off :)
Sledding with Grandma :) Ummm...ya...did you notice she is wearing cowboy boots :) She forgot to bring her snow boots :) he he he...Just so glad she can enjoy these activities with my little one :)
 Mom yelling because she thought they would hit me trying to take the picture :)
The 3 of us :)
He could stay out all day :)
Snow man...check   
He is a sad little snow man but there just isn't much snow to be had...
And today cousin Theodore came to town...
Hiding in my suitcase...
Double trouble :)

We made it to Wisconsin :)

Here's my big man pushing our luggage into the airport :)
Do you see what I see? That's right baby...we saw the snow from the plane :) Once we saw the snow we could not land fast enough for Evan :) I just need to say thanks be to God as he answered my prayers for a bumpy free fight :) God is good!!! 

The minute we parked in my parents drive way Evan grabbed a handful of snow :)
Grandpa making sure his ears were covered before they had a snow ball fight :)
Snow angel.....check :)
Let the snow ball fight begin :)
This is not a very clear picture but it so shows how into it this little boy is :)
Evan loving every minute of it :) It is not the winter wonderland that we had hoped for but at least there is enough snow to have some fun :)
Mommy's little snow man :)
Ewwww...don't eat the snow dude...
 Ready or it comes :)
 It's every man for himself in a snowball fight...Grandpa gets him while he is down :) Evan was having a blast!!! this little boy :)
Hey...hey...hey no getting me :) :) :)
Oh man...that was a good one :)
Oh...this face :)
Finally...we convince him to come in and warm up...but he wanted this snow ball to go in the freezer :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow bound!

Evan and I are snow bound :) Wisconsin here we come!!! Evan could not be more excited! He wants to make a snow angel, snowman, go sledding and have a snowball fight :) I am excited that I can show him what it is all about :) Not looking forward to freezing my hynee off but that is what hot coco is for right :) I would love to do some snowmobiling but I am now doubtful that is going to happen :) Oh well.. Can't wait to spend time with my family!!!

I've got to run...I need to start praying about the flight as I sooooo do NOT like flying!!! And I should really finish packing as I need to be ready bright and early :)  Good night to you out there :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve.....
Evan asked to play with his nativity set...That makes my heart happy :)
Evan & I made cookies for Santa...1st you roll out the dough :) (Peeps: make sure to roll it slow :) he he)
Then you cut out your shape :)
And then...sprinkle...sprinkle...sprinkle :)
What a beauty :)
OR...if your take a nap :)

Before we left for GG's house we did all our little traditions :)

Here is Evan pointing to show me that Santa is going to come down the our cookies, milk and carrots are as close as can be :)
Then we went outside to scatter our reindeer know so they can find our yard :)
And yes, this is Evan gathering a weed bouquet :) This is the first year we have done this one :)
 I found this awesome story about this little girl who was sad because she didn't have a gift for baby Jesus and her cousin told her that even the most humble gift, if given in love will be acceptable in His eyes.  So she knelt down by the roadside and gathered some common weeds and made them into a bouquet.  She laid the bouquet at the foot of the nativity scene and suddenly the weeds burst into blooms of brilliant red! The poinsettia :) Ok so I am totally cutting the story short and just telling you the just of it but it is a beautiful story and as my child loves nature I thought by doing Jesus such a gift would help him to celebrate Jesus  Birthday :) For those of you who know this I am sorry if I am totally not doing it justice...
Here is GG with her Grand kids
The first present...
They all waited so nicely as GG got her camera :) 
And open :) 
Bryan's brother works for UPS so we had to wait and wait and wait for him to get home to do presents so GG and the kiddo's decorated a gingerbread house...I love to see how they are just waiting...such sweet innocence :)
 Let the decorating begin :) 
Evan took this picture of me and my Mr. :)
Uncle David made it home and the gifts began...ummm...Evan the bag that is taller than you is not the can come out now :) He loved playing in the gift bag :)
Sweet cousins :)

Evan in great concentration( with his tongue out :) ) working his new remote control car from GG :)

Thank you Jo :) Everything was so nice...I know you worked really hard on the food and it was all soooo yummy :) We are very blessed to have you in our lives :)

Christmas morning :
Evan checking out all the presents Santa left :)
He noticed Santa ate his cookies and took the carrots for the reindeer and that his weeds turned into a beautiful poinsettia :)

For some reason it is not letting me write under the last picture :( Evan made a present for the dogs and he decided he wanted to give the dogs there presents first :) Sooo sweet!  Then we did stockings...Santa brought the dogs some bones :)
 Evan getting to the bottom of his stocking :)
Little skate boards...happy face :)
Getting underwear not so much :(  Even explaining that Grandma would always give us socks and underwear each year didn't make it better :) Maybe this little tradition will grow on him :) he he...
And the smile is back :)
Evan, Daddy and yes Uncle John all got crazy huge Nerf guns!!! Boys I tell ya :)
Playing with his remote control helicopter :)

After some playing, napping and baking( I will let you guess who did what :) ) We headed over to Uncle John's and Aunt Shae's :)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!! May you have a happy and healthy New Year! :)