Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Is anybody out there? For I have been gone...well gone from my blog not my life for a long time! And I have to admit I really miss it :( I got behind...I do not like to be behind... I was going to bed early as I was getting up early. Then on nights I could blog I just felt to overwhelmed by playing the catch up game... So I should really start from today but I do not want a whole in my life according to my blog book so I do believe I will do a little pictorial catch up but nothing like I would usually do :)

I missed my blog- I do journal almost on a daily basis but there is something about my blog :) I like to re-cap my day, focus on the positives in my life...yes, there are the negatives as well but writing for my blog brings the best things out because I need to remember that everyday God gives us gifts and things to be grateful for and if I don't take the time daily to thank Him for that and to acknowledge the positives in my life then I find sometimes the negatives try and take over :) And that my friends is just not acceptable! :) For example, I love my son!!! I love him more than I know how to express...but there are the days when I am so tested I think I could explode and It is so good to know after he is long asleep in his bed I can sit and say to myself yes, I need to do better but look at all the blessing he ( Mommy's little monster...he he) has given me today- because believe me this boy is full of it :) His imagination is incredible!

Ok- I am tired...I am going to run (only to my bed that is :) ) I just needed to get back to my little ol blog :) Now hopefully I will get some pictures up soon :) And for my Dad and Mom and friends who have been checking my blog to see if today would be the day I finally updated I thank you! Thanks for being patient with me during my blog break :) Even though my purpose of this blog is to make a scrap book of my life it is cool knowing that there are others out there as well :)

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