Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Otherwise titled: The worst daughter :( My mom's Birthday was actually yesterday & I feel really bad that I am just getting her birthday blast done today...and not only that but I was so prepared I took a part of her gift with me to Wisconsin and then I brought it back thinking I would send all of her gift together....have I been to the post :( I am so sorry Mom!!! You are always so nice about my being late and I am so sorry :( I am sure Evan will do this to me in years to come and I will have to remember a certain daughter who did the same thing to her mom :( I did enjoy chatting with you know...on your real Birthday :)
The first 2 pictures I took of my mom(well, you know I didn't take them of her I took them from her house) and had them framed in my room when I first left home when I was 19...
So pretty :)
Me and my mom lookin lovely :) ummm banana... are rockin those sunglasses at the zoo :)
Oh...and the white flocked Christmas tree :) I'm thinking by your outfit you are ready to go to Hawaii not Christmas but it's ok I don't think anyone will notice the outfit with the shag carpet all around us :) Oh my what is Evan going to say about his early pictures... I can only imagine :)
This has always been one of my favorite pictures! It was in the frame with the other 2 :) Gotta love your Momma :)
Here is a picture of Mom in New York :) My mom sister and I all went to New York together :)
Gotcha! This was the summer I was home and you helped me plan my wedding :)
I really like this picture as didn't copy very well but I think you look really pretty here at Paula's ( my sister if you don't know :) ) wedding :) You have always loved things bedazzled and kinda loud, wild and fun :)
I like this shot as well :) This is my mom with her 2 cousins- Mom wasn't so sure about the whole trampoline deal but she gave it a go :) You know these 3 tore it up back in the day :)
This one is a little out of order as she sent it to Evan about 2 years ago... It is her and her mom with the Brewer sausage guys...why you might ask??? Because they were at a contest and if you know anything about my mom...she loves her some contests :)
Here is my Momma with her first Grandchild :) So very blessed to have my mom be at the hospital with me when I had Evan and to have her help that first month :) It was so sad when she had to go home :(

So this probably isn't the best shot but it reminds me of how very giving this woman is!!! She is holding my child and petting the dog :) We never had any pets growing up but Mom has found a special place in her heart for my three ( now 2 ) dogs... When we first got home from the hospital she keep the dogs with her at night so they wouldn't be in the room with us and the new baby & not only did she keep the dog's out of the way she would help with Evan at night as well :) I don't know what I would have done with out you mom!!!

How blessed we are!!! Evan's first year of life we got to see my mom every other month!!! We got so spoiled :) We go longer periods of time with out seeing each other now and we miss you much!!! But we know your giving heart is right where it needs to be :) ( My Mom takes care of her Momma now :))

The cool Grandma that she is...going sledding in the snow with Evan :)
This picture of mom and Evan holding their dice lollipops was when I got back from Vegas! Thank you so much for keeping him!!! I was able to have a little get away with my hubby thanks to you! I would have never felt as comfortable with anyone else watching him...I know when he is with you he is in good hands :)
Mom: I am sorry this is late :( But I hope you know how much you are loved!!! I know we don't always see eye to eye & I can be a little brat even as an adult and I am sorry...I would be lost with out you...We may not live in the same state but I always know you are a phone call away! (Evan at 2am :) ) Thank you for being the best mom you could be and for helping me be the best mom I can be! Evan loves you so much it is ridiculous :) I think if you lived here he would want to live with you :) he he... But I wouldn't want it any other way :) I love you Mom!!!

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