Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

My little love before school :)

Evan and his doggy sisters :)
Evan LOVES to bring his dogs to school with that I mean in the car to car line with us :) If I can do it I usually will because it makes for a smooth morning :) Here we are in car line- he was in the front waiting his turn to get out and saying goodbye to the dogs :) Yes, Tessa gets in his car seat when he is not in it...actually she does sit on his lap with him in it sometimes...I swear I could do a whole post about his love of these dogs :)
Lilly trying to say her goodbyes! He was sooo not so much... I was like you are going to smell like dog! :) Like he cares...not :)
Hey...where is he going???

Oh ok :)
5 hours of sweet peace :) he he he

How is it that the 5 hours he is in school goes like a blink of an eye???

So Evan is not a huge fan of pizza but when he gets to make it he usually eats it :)
Step 1: brush on the olive oil
Step 2: add the sauce
Step 3: sprinkle on the cheese
Who are we kidding...load on the cheese! We have Wisconsin blood after all :)
Step 4: Put on the Italian salame
I just love how his little toung sticks out when he is deep in concentration :)
Step 5: Bake it for 10 mins :)
Add some broccoli and strawberry's and...

walla there you have it! Dinner :)
But don't forget the Daddy- Evan time!!! Tonight's event was putting Army men on blocks and then of course knocking them down :) Good times!

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