Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

Ok so according to my calender today is the first day of fall :) However, living here in Texas you would not really know that! Yes, it has cooled down some...but really not enough to be called fall :) Well not according to this Wisconsin girl at heart :) Ya know when I left home I really never thought I would miss the seasons but I really do have my moments when I miss it and Fall is so nice and cool back home and the trees changing color is really pretty :) I will say though that we would not be going to a splash pad this time of year back home which is what we did yesterday :) We went to play at our friends neighborhood splash pad and playground yesterday and my friend said...Hey Cory you'll want to get your camera for this :) So when I looked this is what I saw....
My child in the middle of the the bark his swim suit...making a snow angel :) Gotta love him!!! When I asked him if the bark mulch hurt he said no Mommy it didn't hurt and I asked how he thought to make a snow angel in the bark mulch and he said I had to Mommy because it NEVER snows here! He is too much :)

We have had a busy week making memories! I have joined two mom groups :) MOPS which is mothers of preschoolers and MOMS which is mothers of many seasons. I like them both for different reasons and I am really excited to be a part of there groups :) On Tuesday Evan and I meet the MOPS group for a play date at this new place here that we have never been to: A Bunch Of Fun :)
Evan and Tristan playing in the huge moon sand area :)
Deep in thought :)
They had 3 indoor slides :)
The puppet area :)
Dress up area :)

We also did the little event they had going on which was a reading of the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and then they got to decorate a cookie :)
More decorations please :)
Evan, Tristan, Samuel and Aiden enjoying there cookies :)
One of Evan's masterpieces...I believe the title of this one was a pink, purple and green monster going on a roller coaster :) You see it right :) he he
We had a good time! I look forward to going back for some of there other special events :) Ok well, it is official now Fall is here!!! Time for all that it brings :) Umm like the moon-have you seen the Harvest moon? Love it!!! :)

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