Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busted up :(

So today we had a play date at a jump place...We had invited Evan's class and the a-joining class which would make 22 kids! Ya...there were 3 of us :( Not such a good turn out but we had a good time anyway :) Well, Evan had been having a blast...we stayed later than I thought we would and as it was time to go he was running full speed ahead and tripped and his little face hit the seating area :( At first I just thought he was a little hurt and was crying but as he came closer to me and moved his hand his poor little lip was a bleeding :( He cut the outside and inside :( It looks rather small but as it is right on his lip I worry about infection :( It stopped bleeding pretty quickly so I just did some wound care for it and have left it as that... I am hoping it just kinda heals but I will keep a close eye on my poor little man :(
When we left he fell asleep...for like 5 mins and then was up again :) Poor guy I know he could have used some rest...
A closer look at his boo boo :(

And on a different note....

Please tell me why my child wants to be the scariest thing he can get his hands on for Halloween?!?!?!?!?!? We meet Bryan for dinner and there was a Halloween store in the parking lot and Evan sooo wanted to go...we did and man there really is some spooky stuff in there!
Mommy's little monster :) And no he is not going to be this for Halloween :)

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