Sunday, September 26, 2010

The beach :)

Hello from Galveston...
This is our 3rd anual day trip to Galviston...We always say we should go more as we always have a good time and we talk about renting a house for the weekend but we decided kinda last minuite to just head out and so we did :)

Evan LOVES when Daddy finds him hermit crabs :)
Bryan & Evan went pretty far is hard to really see them :)

Love, love, love watching him play at the beach :)
Ice cream man!!!
He had a bite of the ear in his mouth...But he was really excited they had scooby doo :)
Handful's of sand...oh ya :)
My boys out in the waves :)
Evan running back to shore :)
I think this one is looks like Evan is going to save Daddy :)

Evan said he was going to surf :) He is so cute! he he...Love that little man :)
I got a shot of the sea gull before he was sneak attacked by Evan :) He had a ball chasing the birds :)
Thank you baby!!! Thank you for taking us to the beach :) I absolutely LOVED watching Evan wrap his arms around your neck out in the waves! And how excited he was when you found him the 2 hermit crabs...and making sand castles and burying both of your legs in the sand :) It was a wonderful time! I absolutely love making family memories :) Evan and I are so lucky to have you :)
When we were headed out we stopped at KFC to grab a bite for dinner and Evan so wanted a cake! Who knew KFC even sold cake...oh but Evan saw the picture :) So we ended our little family day with some cake :)
Snug as a bug in a rug...ready for the drive home :)

I am so glad we went! I was a little nervous with the whole oil spill and all but we had a good time as always! Galveston is not the prettiest beach but I just love watching Evan have a ball :)

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