Saturday, September 11, 2010


Happy 69th Birthday Jo!!! You do not act a day of your age and we love that about you!!! The pictures start with you and your grandson however, you brought your son into this world and raised the wonderful man I get to call my husband! Thank you for raising such a wonderful man and welcoming me into your family several years ago :) Evan is lucky to have such a fun GG and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives :)
Evan 4mo old with his GG

GG with all her grandchildren :)

GG with Evan at his 2nd Birthday party :)

GG & her boys on Mothers Day :)

GG & Evan enjoying some carmel apples together :)
GG & Kung Fu Evan at Christmas :)
GG and her Grandchildren at the pool :) Such fun!
Today we took GG to eat at Rudy's :) She picked Rudy's due to a little someones request :)
It wouldn't be because of a little someone loving that Rudy's has snails on there rocks in the parking lot :)
Evan loves him some GG :)
GG and the boys... about to sing Happy Birthday!
We love you Jo (GG) We hope all your Birthday wishes come true!!! :)
Also a Big Happy 1st Birthday to Mr. Harrison :) He is such a doll and I can not believe he is already a year!!! (This is Evan's girlfriend Katie's baby brother :) ) Love them :)
9-11-01-May we never forget!!!

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