Friday, September 17, 2010

40 and Fabulous

There is something about Birthdays!!! Something about the day you come into this earth :) I just love them :) And this morning I was suppose to help a friend with her kids and that feel through and then I really should have gone to Nicole's cycle class but my knee has really been hurting...soooo I called my Birthday girl friend to see if she had any lunch plans and she did not have lunch plans so we were going to do lunch and she was off to get a pedicure so I was able to join her :) What a fun day! I dropped Evan off at school and headed out to Party City to celebrate the big 4 0 right :) BIG balloon, black gift bag :) 40 sucks suckers, old age pills (candy) wild sun glasses and some princess sparkle powder :) Everything a fabulous 40 year old needs :) he he he...I didn't get any pictures of us as I always seem to be the one behind the lens :) But we enjoyed wonderful pedicures together- I got orange which is something I never do but Evan is wild about Halloween so I thought it would be fun :) Then we went to lunch and had yummy food and amazing children interruptions :) he he...
This is my dear friend Dina- we meet in lamaze class :) She and I have the same ob-gyn and her son was born 2 weeks after Evan :) We have done a lot together over the past almost 5 years! Love her!!!
This is Dina with Judy...She saw Dina's big balloon and came up to say Happy Birthday and that it was her Birthday too! So sweet :)

I had a wonderful day with you girl...Happy Birthday! I love you :)

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