Sunday, September 26, 2010

The beach :)

Hello from Galveston...
This is our 3rd anual day trip to Galviston...We always say we should go more as we always have a good time and we talk about renting a house for the weekend but we decided kinda last minuite to just head out and so we did :)

Evan LOVES when Daddy finds him hermit crabs :)
Bryan & Evan went pretty far is hard to really see them :)

Love, love, love watching him play at the beach :)
Ice cream man!!!
He had a bite of the ear in his mouth...But he was really excited they had scooby doo :)
Handful's of sand...oh ya :)
My boys out in the waves :)
Evan running back to shore :)
I think this one is looks like Evan is going to save Daddy :)

Evan said he was going to surf :) He is so cute! he he...Love that little man :)
I got a shot of the sea gull before he was sneak attacked by Evan :) He had a ball chasing the birds :)
Thank you baby!!! Thank you for taking us to the beach :) I absolutely LOVED watching Evan wrap his arms around your neck out in the waves! And how excited he was when you found him the 2 hermit crabs...and making sand castles and burying both of your legs in the sand :) It was a wonderful time! I absolutely love making family memories :) Evan and I are so lucky to have you :)
When we were headed out we stopped at KFC to grab a bite for dinner and Evan so wanted a cake! Who knew KFC even sold cake...oh but Evan saw the picture :) So we ended our little family day with some cake :)
Snug as a bug in a rug...ready for the drive home :)

I am so glad we went! I was a little nervous with the whole oil spill and all but we had a good time as always! Galveston is not the prettiest beach but I just love watching Evan have a ball :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

Ok so according to my calender today is the first day of fall :) However, living here in Texas you would not really know that! Yes, it has cooled down some...but really not enough to be called fall :) Well not according to this Wisconsin girl at heart :) Ya know when I left home I really never thought I would miss the seasons but I really do have my moments when I miss it and Fall is so nice and cool back home and the trees changing color is really pretty :) I will say though that we would not be going to a splash pad this time of year back home which is what we did yesterday :) We went to play at our friends neighborhood splash pad and playground yesterday and my friend said...Hey Cory you'll want to get your camera for this :) So when I looked this is what I saw....
My child in the middle of the the bark his swim suit...making a snow angel :) Gotta love him!!! When I asked him if the bark mulch hurt he said no Mommy it didn't hurt and I asked how he thought to make a snow angel in the bark mulch and he said I had to Mommy because it NEVER snows here! He is too much :)

We have had a busy week making memories! I have joined two mom groups :) MOPS which is mothers of preschoolers and MOMS which is mothers of many seasons. I like them both for different reasons and I am really excited to be a part of there groups :) On Tuesday Evan and I meet the MOPS group for a play date at this new place here that we have never been to: A Bunch Of Fun :)
Evan and Tristan playing in the huge moon sand area :)
Deep in thought :)
They had 3 indoor slides :)
The puppet area :)
Dress up area :)

We also did the little event they had going on which was a reading of the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and then they got to decorate a cookie :)
More decorations please :)
Evan, Tristan, Samuel and Aiden enjoying there cookies :)
One of Evan's masterpieces...I believe the title of this one was a pink, purple and green monster going on a roller coaster :) You see it right :) he he
We had a good time! I look forward to going back for some of there other special events :) Ok well, it is official now Fall is here!!! Time for all that it brings :) Umm like the moon-have you seen the Harvest moon? Love it!!! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahoy Yer Mateys!

To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day we went to the Ahoy Yer Mateys class :) Evan had such a good time!
He got to wear a vest, hat, hook, earring, mustache and tattoo :) Here the teacher is applying his mustache :)

Evan & his buddy seeing who will have to walk the plank :) he he...
Waiting their turn for the tattoo...
Mommy's little Pirate :)
Arrrr Matey :)
The class played hot potato with a ticking time bomb :)
Evan, Tristan and Dane waiting to make a pirate flag :)
Be hold...the pirate's flag :)
My little Pirate with his treasure from the treasure chest they followed the map to find :)
Evan had a blast! It was a fun little class :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

40 and Fabulous

There is something about Birthdays!!! Something about the day you come into this earth :) I just love them :) And this morning I was suppose to help a friend with her kids and that feel through and then I really should have gone to Nicole's cycle class but my knee has really been hurting...soooo I called my Birthday girl friend to see if she had any lunch plans and she did not have lunch plans so we were going to do lunch and she was off to get a pedicure so I was able to join her :) What a fun day! I dropped Evan off at school and headed out to Party City to celebrate the big 4 0 right :) BIG balloon, black gift bag :) 40 sucks suckers, old age pills (candy) wild sun glasses and some princess sparkle powder :) Everything a fabulous 40 year old needs :) he he he...I didn't get any pictures of us as I always seem to be the one behind the lens :) But we enjoyed wonderful pedicures together- I got orange which is something I never do but Evan is wild about Halloween so I thought it would be fun :) Then we went to lunch and had yummy food and amazing children interruptions :) he he...
This is my dear friend Dina- we meet in lamaze class :) She and I have the same ob-gyn and her son was born 2 weeks after Evan :) We have done a lot together over the past almost 5 years! Love her!!!
This is Dina with Judy...She saw Dina's big balloon and came up to say Happy Birthday and that it was her Birthday too! So sweet :)

I had a wonderful day with you girl...Happy Birthday! I love you :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busted up :(

So today we had a play date at a jump place...We had invited Evan's class and the a-joining class which would make 22 kids! Ya...there were 3 of us :( Not such a good turn out but we had a good time anyway :) Well, Evan had been having a blast...we stayed later than I thought we would and as it was time to go he was running full speed ahead and tripped and his little face hit the seating area :( At first I just thought he was a little hurt and was crying but as he came closer to me and moved his hand his poor little lip was a bleeding :( He cut the outside and inside :( It looks rather small but as it is right on his lip I worry about infection :( It stopped bleeding pretty quickly so I just did some wound care for it and have left it as that... I am hoping it just kinda heals but I will keep a close eye on my poor little man :(
When we left he fell asleep...for like 5 mins and then was up again :) Poor guy I know he could have used some rest...
A closer look at his boo boo :(

And on a different note....

Please tell me why my child wants to be the scariest thing he can get his hands on for Halloween?!?!?!?!?!? We meet Bryan for dinner and there was a Halloween store in the parking lot and Evan sooo wanted to go...we did and man there really is some spooky stuff in there!
Mommy's little monster :) And no he is not going to be this for Halloween :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

My little love before school :)

Evan and his doggy sisters :)
Evan LOVES to bring his dogs to school with that I mean in the car to car line with us :) If I can do it I usually will because it makes for a smooth morning :) Here we are in car line- he was in the front waiting his turn to get out and saying goodbye to the dogs :) Yes, Tessa gets in his car seat when he is not in it...actually she does sit on his lap with him in it sometimes...I swear I could do a whole post about his love of these dogs :)
Lilly trying to say her goodbyes! He was sooo not so much... I was like you are going to smell like dog! :) Like he cares...not :)
Hey...where is he going???

Oh ok :)
5 hours of sweet peace :) he he he

How is it that the 5 hours he is in school goes like a blink of an eye???

So Evan is not a huge fan of pizza but when he gets to make it he usually eats it :)
Step 1: brush on the olive oil
Step 2: add the sauce
Step 3: sprinkle on the cheese
Who are we kidding...load on the cheese! We have Wisconsin blood after all :)
Step 4: Put on the Italian salame
I just love how his little toung sticks out when he is deep in concentration :)
Step 5: Bake it for 10 mins :)
Add some broccoli and strawberry's and...

walla there you have it! Dinner :)
But don't forget the Daddy- Evan time!!! Tonight's event was putting Army men on blocks and then of course knocking them down :) Good times!