Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Zoo

It was our last day in Wisconsin and we had already been to the zoo but Raymond and Richard wanted to go and they really do have a wonderful we did it again :)
The first thing we walked up to was the penguins and it was really cool because this lady was feeding them telling all about them :)
Uncle Ray and his boys :)
Me & Evan with Uncle Ray and the boys :)
Raymond, Evan and Mom looking at the under water view of the sea lion
Evan would not wait for it to get into my camera lens :) he was off :)
The first time I was able to see the snow leopard :) Bless his heart you know he was hot this summer... He is probably dreaming of Wisconsin winters :)
Ok for real...the mold-a-rama's are super cool!!! I think every zoo should have them! Ours in Houston does not :( You put $2.00 in and it makes you a mold of an animal :)
He got the lion this time :)
Petting the snake :)
Come on Grandma come pet it :)
And the rabbit :)
Raymond going for a drive with Evan :)
And then Richard :)
This goat so did not want to be he learned if you feed it with one hand you can pet it with the other :)

And he pet the rooster :)

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