Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week in review

We headed out to our reptile guy to get these baby's some more crickets but...
My little love fell asleep :) Sooo rare these days but I know he needs it :)
We also mailed in for the ants for the ant farm and the caterpillars for the butterfly garden :) Because God knows we do not have enough critters in this house :) he he

We meet Evan's friend Rileigh at the Ruckus Room...where I found out they would be closing for good on Friday :( The owner is super sweet! I wish him and his family the best of luck :)

You can only see a little of these crazy kids :)
and they are off...
I had no luck getting a good pict :) They had a lot of fun though :)

So much fun in fact Evan feel asleep again...
Of course as you can see on his shirt he did have an ice cream cone before he fell asleep :)
Evan picked out some new sheets :)
And comforter...I am slowly redoing this room...that is why the headboard and curtins do not match :)

He went off the high dive at his buddy Tristan's pool :)
I tried to get them both on the diving boards but as you can see Tristan took a running start :)
Evan loved the high board :)
And down the slide :)
And at the end baby Tess was ready to go home so the boys tried to convince her that the pool was super fun and that they would entertain her :) ha!

GG wanted us to come to her pool as the pools are closing during the week now as school starts Monday for the big kids :)
Evan jumping in with his cousins Miah and Kira

Evan meet his new teacher! His school does in home visits with the 3 and 4 year olds...
and I am not going to lie...I was sooooo nervous about it! Evan wanted no part of it before she came but...
Thank you God for sending us Ms. Hickey because she was able to get on his good side :) Which is no easy feet sometimes with this little boy :)
She really took an interest in his critters/bugs and his toys that he wanted to share with her! Ms. Hickey seems really genuine and I am praying with all my might that we have a wonderful year!!! He even asked today(Sunday) if it was a school day!!! I soooo hope it continues :)
After our visit with Ms. Hickey we meet Ben friend up at the Ruckus Room for one last hoo ra!
Silly sweaty boys :)
And we even ate ice cream for lunch!!!
Enjoying the last few morsels of summer :)

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  1. Your week looked a lot like ours as we were trying to squeeze in all the last minute summer fun that we could. Looks like we missed you at Ruckus Room as we went on Tuesday but it was too crowded so we didn't stay and we also went on Wednesday. They LOVE this place and I'm so sad it's closed! See you soon at school!!!