Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vegas baby!!!

Our first trip since our honey moon :) My first time leaving Evan for a whole night...3 nights to be exact! He stayed with my Mom and Grandma :) We stayed at the Harrahs Hotel :)

We landed in Las Vegas around 3pm...Bryan got their about 30 mins before me and to my surprise he was waiting at my gate!!! Such a nice surprise :) We headed outside to wait for our shuttle and at that point we realised we were crazy! It was 114 degrees!!! Crazy HOT...I keep saying we are from Texas we know hot but 114 degrees it just plane HOT :) We checked in our hotel and headed out for the strip...we walked and walked until I decided my flip flopped feet could walk no we stoped for a wonderful dinner at the Capital Grill :) Soooo nice!!! Loved, Loved, Loved the good food and good conversation with my hubby :)
Ya...these hot air balloons!!! They were in the hotel we were picking up our circus del sol tickets at (can't remember the hotel name right now) but I was going to stop and take this picture because I thought Evan would think they were cool :) Oh NO...there I went again :( As I was opening the lens of the camera my flip flops hit some water on the floor and down I went camera and all!!! So much for being all smooth and romantic on this trip...nope I was doing it Cory style :) I am a huge klutz if you don't already know that about me :) Bryan was so nice to help me up as I was more embarrassed than anything and this sweet couple stoped to pick up the pieces of my camera :) Nice....
Saturday first things first I got some new shoes!!! I wear flip flops ALL the time and everywhere so I though I would be fine but oh no I had HUGE blisters and after the spill I was ready for something new :) After we got my shoes we continued walking down the strip :) Here we are with the red M&M guy :) In front of the M&M store :)
This statue of Liberty was made of Jelly Belly's :)
My only shot of the mountains as we stayed on the strip the whole time :)
We took some pictures for Evan...We do not let him watch Sponge Bob but he knows who he is.
And Woodie was on the street...Taking pictures with people for tips.
And Shreck...I have no idea how these people do was soooo hot!
Me and my sexy hubby :) About to leave our hotel to walk to O the cirque du soleil show...took the pict here before we got to sweety :)
After the show we ate at Serendipity was soooo yummy!!! This was a frozen hot chocolate...I was not so sure about this one because I love hot coco but don't like chocolate ice cream but it was really good :) Bryan and I ate it right up :) Just spending alone time with the man I married was sooooo nice! An incredible gift! I will treasure our trip for a long time to come :)
I love this man!!! :)
I'm not so good with taking a pict of the 2 of us but we were on a mission!!! A chip mission :) Saturday morning-ish Bryan decided for his souvenir he wanted to get a $1.00 chip from every hotel on the strip...It worked out nicely because we do not gamble and we wanted to see all the hotels anyway so we made it a mission to get them all :)

On Sunday as we were walking the other half of the strip on our chip mission I just had to take a picture of this little chapel of love :) We joked we should renew our vows :) He he he...we keep walking :)
My non-gambling man pretending to play so I could get a pict :) he he...He looks like he knows what he is doing right :)
My first drink...On Sunday we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and even though I was super hot we were close enough to our hotel I thought I would be able to make it back to the hotel after having a drink :) It was a watermelon margarita :)
And my 2nd and last drink of the trip :) All day and all night people were walking down the street and well everywhere with HUGE drinks... No lie the margarita place in the mall was open before any other store! I thought I would give this one a try on the walk back to our hotel :)

That night we saw Cirque du soleil Zumanity show and it did not disappoint :) We had a wonderful time!!! After the show we walked and walked to find a restaurant I do not even remember the name of now but we were so hot and tired we decided to get some Chipolata to go and we took it back to our room :) We are sooo old I know :)
Monday was our last day and I decided I would play a $1.00 just to say I did play :) It took way to long to play it though because Bryan and I do NOT like smoke and man alive the casinos are so smokey :(
I also did not include my picture of the Trump hotel because I was still mad at them :) Yes, I know the Trump hotel is off the strip but it is still with in walking distance FAR but totally due able...And on our last day I was NOT going home with out Bryan's chip collection complete so we made the treck only to find out the man does NOT have a casino in his hotel!!! What is he thinking??? Dude I walked all that way and you do not have a casino...well Mr. Trump you are really missing out on a lot of money my friend... ha who am I kidding that man wouldn't know what to do with any more money....So my very loving husband and myself walked on!!!
All the way to the ice cream shop :) Our last bit of togetherness before we headed to the airport and parted ways...Bryan to our home in Texas and me to our love child back in Wisconsin :)

Thank you Bryan!!! Thank you for a wonderful trip! Thank you for all the doors you held for me the yummy sent you wore, the conversation we had and most of all thank you for accepting me for who I am and loving me! You are a wonderful person and I am so lucky to be your wife!!! I love you babe :)
And a HUGE thank you to my mom for taking such good care of this little boy! I knew he was in good hands... I didn't have to worry a bit! Your continues love and support means the world to me! I could never thank you enough for being such the giving woman you are!!! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!!! I love you mom :)

And now it is time I go back to doing what I do best and that is being Bryan's wife and Evan's Mommy :) We will finish out our stay in Wisconsin and see you soon Daddy :)

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