Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 & other activities :)

Evan sporting the Toy story 3 t-shirt his Granny got him :)
Popcorn and 3d glasses...oh ya baby :)
He wanted to leave the movie early because he said the mean toys were too mean....we made it through though and after the movie he gave the ticket stub guy a big hug :)
We ate oodles and oodles of Noodles!!!!
No lie!!! I am a Wisconsin Mac and Cheese addict :) And Evan thought the HUGE rice crispy treats were pretty cool :)
Never fear we found a flower patch here!!! :)

My mom...oh how I love the...She keep Evan so I could get my nail done :) This little boy is soooo spoiled!!! He has a yummy cup cake thingy in his hand and if you take a look at his feet Grandma will tell you she picked her battles that morning :) Nice shoe selection Evan!!! :)

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