Saturday, August 21, 2010


Also know as: Holly back blogging batman :)

I did 18 entry's today! I am so an all or nothing kinda gal... So we all stayed in our pajamas today and Evan watched movies and played with blocks, animals, did art, exc...exc...exc and I blogged my brains out! :) And yes I did take breaks as to not be such a bad mommy :) And tonight we all went out for a full on water gun/water balloon fight :)

I love how he sticks that little tong out when he is really concentrating :)
Please excuse the jungle we are calling our back yard :( Bryan said he will cut the grass/weeds tomm and I still need to get rid of all the dead plants...very embarrassing :(

He looks so cute when he is hiding :)

Evan hiding behind the swing he had as a baby and BEGGED me to bring back out...He is WAY to big for it :) We really need to get him a big boy swing as he really does love to swing :)

Both my boys squealed with delight in drenching me :)

It looks like it is raining but nope it is just Daddy with the hose :)
Well, I guess I didn't make it :( I have all the pics in the blog entry's but it is 2am and I haven't finished writing the blogs so it looks like I didn't finish them after all :( I must go to bed now but I am feeling more caught up than I was before :) Night...

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