Monday, August 23, 2010

Today is Monday right???

I feel like I have been going and going and going!!! I want to sleep and for like a week :) I know Saturday we mostly chilled so why is it only Monday and if already feels like I have been going and going and going :) I like to be busy I do but sheesh I am one tired girl :)
Can you guess what Evan is looking for???
yep...found some :)
Snail's that is :) That boy loves eating at Rudy's not because he loves the food...nope he loves to get snails from the rocks :) We ate at Rudy's Sunday morning and then headed to his friend Harry's Birthday party :)

Harry had a pool party
I love this shot of Evan and his buddy Rileigh :)
Evan sitting next to the birthday boy...about to sing Happy Birthday :)
And licking all the icing off the cookie!
And when the party was over we were both already wet so we just jumped into our community pool :) I had no intention of going in the water at the birthday party but I saw a 2 and a half yr old going down and the life guard did not see her so I jumped in to get her!!! She was fine...just upset...The crazy part is about 15 mins after I pulled her out I was in a different area and the life guard pulled her out of the very same area!!! Dude!!!

My little fish :)

Evan made some friends at our pool and they invited him to play ring- around- the- rosie! Super cute!

Evan was super excited as his girlfriend Katie is back in town and we meet them for lunch today!
Those crazy kiddos :)

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