Saturday, August 21, 2010

Theodore's 2nd Birthday

My silly sister and her little birthday boy :)
His pirate party
My little pirate
My sister made his cake :) Go sista :)
Evan playing water guns with the other kids.
My sister and her family :)
Paula, Theodore and Jud

The little pirate eating his birthday cup cake :)
Evan taking a whack at the treasure chest pinata :)
The next day we went to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
Evan loved all the hands on stuff :)

He got a discovery dig kit :)
He had to dig and dig and dig :)
My 3 favorite ladies :) and little man :)
Mommy even had to help in the digging process :) He found 5 sweet fossil's :)
Paula and I ran to the store and when we got back this is what we found :) The grandparents pushing their grandsons :)
Evan and the Iowa corn :)
Time to do some shucking :)
My sister's neighbor is family and they are raising some chicks so we went to take a look :) It was all good until a little someone wanted to take one back on the airplane with us!!!
Me, my sister and our boys :) Taking a swim :)
The side liners :)

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