Saturday, August 28, 2010

See you soon Schimmels :)

So we had one last lunch today with our dear friends before they hit the road...
Is it the age or what??? I can not get a really good picture of these little monkeys :)
Best Buddy's even with the miles between them!!! And I hope it stays that way :)

Ok so I am not going to get weepy :( I just can't start! I will not even say good bye...but see you soon! And that we will :) I do want to say thank you though...Thank you for making the drive here and going out of your way to see us as much as you did! We love you guys and sooo wished you still lived here :) The boys friendship is just something else and I hope that will continue :) And you are such a dear friend that I know no distance will part us :) I will miss you while you are gone but we will see you soon girl... LOVE YOU!!!

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