Thursday, August 26, 2010

School bus??? school bus this year :) But I did get a little weepy seeing this school bus and thinking that my baby will be in big school next year!!! Where has the time gone??? I mean really the thought of Kindergarten...are you kidding me...My baby is getting big and there is nothing I can do about it :( I guess all I can do is enjoy everyday with him to the fullest because as of next year my baby will be a big Kindergardener...
But this year...this year he is big man on campus :) he he... 4yr old pre-k baby :) Today we had meet the teacher & class visits at the school :) Evan soooo loves his teacher and I could not be more thrilled!!!!!!! When we first got there she showed him how to sign in like they will do everyday when they get to school :)
Evan and his teacher looking at the Bee center :)

Gotta love the smile I get these days :)
Boys and there building blocks :)

He made his way through both rooms :)
Evan and Katie :)
Hard at work :)

I can not tell you all how super excited I am for this year!!! Evan really loves his teacher and their are a lot of really great kids and moms ( friends) in the class :) Here's to a great year!!!

Tonight GG came to play & stay with Evan while Bryan and I went to the yearly parent orientation at his school :)
But right before we left I had the great idea that they go check the mail...I really wanted Evan to run there and back to run some of his wild energy out but to my surprise his ants we ordered came in!!! I really didn't think they would as the caterpillar/butterflies said it was to hot in Texas we would have to do it in a cooler month :) But nope...the ants had arrived and of course Evan wanted to do it right then and there!
Ok little stinging/biting harvester better stay in your house! I love how when you order them it doesn't say a thing...then the ants arrive at your house and they give this huge warning about the ants...sweet :) Evan thought it was all too cool though :) And that's what it is all about right :)

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