Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red Rover Red Rover Let Blake & Makena Come Over!!!

My dearest friend Brittany and her two little loves moved to Oklahoma 7 months ago and we have missed them ever since! I was able to see Brittany once since then and of course we talk on the phone :) As do our boys sometimes but the kids have not seen each other since they moved. Until Tuesday night!!! Brittany came to Houston for a visit :) And we could not be more happy about that!!! :)
Evan & Blake were sooooo excited to see one another!!! They truly started back as if they were never separated...wrestling and all :)
Makena, Rileigh, Blake & Evan :) This was about the best picture I got of these silly willies :)

They were all class mates at pre-school last year and they are really funny when they are all together...well at least they think so :)
The boys would wrestle one minute and hug the next...such sweet friends :)
Crazy critters right before they all ate :)

Sweet little Makena...she has grown so much!

The kiddos right before we all left :)

Today Evan and I went to the hotel they are staying at for a little swim date :)

I love the under water shots :)

Too cute!!!
They even jumped holding hands :) Their friendship is like no other :) I am not kidding when I say that...they seem to have an understanding with one another...They wrestle and both of them love it- never complaining and yet they are really sweet together! Yes, they get sick of one another as any friends do but for the most part it is far and few between!

Evan and sweet little Makena :)
My dear friend and her two wonderful children!!! God gave me such a gift when he put you in my life! :) We plan to see them at least one more time before they head back to Oklahoma so I won't get too weepy just yet :) But we do miss you girl and hope you come back soon :)

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