Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old friends :)

This is my girl friend Tracy and her 3 yr old little boy Reily...I have known Tracy since we were high school we used to eat at this pizza place called Rocky Rococo's...So when I am home we try and meet up there :) This time we meet at one in a mall and good thing because put our 2 little boys together and it was all kind of wild :)
Here are our little ones running it out in the play area :)
They got along soooo well :) Evan was soooo super excited to hang out with someone around his age and not another adult :)

We also got to meet up with a girl I haven't seen since our senior year of high school...We meet in the 4th grade!!! Crazy....She actually found me on Facebook :) he he...
Here is Evan playing with her to sons...
She has 3 kids and Evan was just in heaven playing with the big boys :)
Here is Evan, Brodie, Blake and Katie :)
And her little girl Brook :)
That night Evan found this old boys slime something easy bake oven my cousins had years ago! Needless to say we only made gross things :) Nothing to really eat :)

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