Saturday, August 21, 2010

Off to the wild wilderness :)

We made it!!! It was a 7 hour drive but we arrived at my dad's cabin and Evan could not be more excited :)
Evan and his Grandma on the pier :)
It was nearing night time so he got to play a bit before we called it a night :)

Run little :) Enjoy its beauty!
Here we are...the very small people at the bottom :) he he...We ate breakfast here and they had super yummy homemade donuts :)
Buzzy let Evan pick out a prize and he picked out a voodoo doll...I know it is a weired find but the saying was super cute! It said it was to watch over you on your travels and keep you safe on your journeys :)
More than ready to get on the boat :)
1st fish of the day :)
Super excited :)
Evan driving us to a new fishing spot :)
And after fishing on the boat and eating dinner there was fishing off the pier :)
Oh ya!!!
He looks a little sad here because I missed the shot of him kissing the fish so Grandpa was trying to get him to do it again so I could get the shot but he said the fish kissed back and it hurt :) so...
bye...bye fishy :) Do you see it by Evan's got away from my dad :)
And this is a beautiful birch tree Evan and I saw on our walk! I love the white bark on birch trees and it makes me sad that they are not doing so good :( They will be missed...

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