Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good bye Wisconsin...

A visit to Uncle Mike & Aunt Barbara :) Uncle Mike always reads the same 2 books to Evan when he comes over and one makes a bee sound and Uncle Mike always pretends to swat at bees and Evan always laughs and laughs :)
Love that! :)
Aunt Barbara brought up some of her sons old toys to play with :) ( Her son is 43 :) )
And of course he got to take some goodies home :)
On our last day...after the zoo we went to say good bye to Uncle Mike and Aunt Barbara :)
One last time with the book :)
Me and Aunt Barbara :)
Evan was all smiles to see that Aunt Barbara let him have the car he really wanted from her house!!!
When we stopped at the store to get a few cheese curds to bring home I found these bad mama jammas...Super sized marshmallows :) We needed those for our camp fire :)
And the next morning we were off to the airport!!! Evan and I were ready!!! 33 days is a long time to step away from your life...however...
Continental said it was delayed!!! Super duper thankful mom and dad stayed with Evan and I while we waited to be able to leave...Evan even managed to get one last prize from Grandpa :)

Mom and Dad: Thank you soooo very much for all the food and fun we had!!! I am truly grateful for all that you did for us!!! Thank you for giving your grandson memories of a life time!!! I love you both very much and that little boy sure does too :)

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