Saturday, August 21, 2010

At the cabin...

Evan and Grandma played some ring toss :)
Then he collected nature items and hid his plastic bugs for us all to it is Buzzy's turn :)
And of course some night time fishing off the pier :)

He LOVED fishing with grandpa!!!
And of course the last one he caught was THIS big!!! :)
Buzz hanging out on the porch :)
Here is Evan playing in the super cool pool area at the hotel Buzz and mom mostly stayed at :)

Oh ya baby :)

This is not the hot is just a whirlpool like area and Evan thought it was so funny to swim into it because it would push him right out :)
Taking a ride over to Mr. Russel's cabin to get the after dinner ice cream to go with Ms. Gail's super duper yummy fresh picked blueberry's :)
Got my fishing pole...lets hit it :)
Mr. Russel and Ms. dad's friends who also have a cabin on the lake :)
Our last ride...bye bye lake :(
Gail pointing out the loons for Evan to see :)
Just love that sky and beautiful lake :)
Me & Mom being silly :)
True Beauty!!!

Buzz and Evan ready to make some smores :)
Grandma helping Evan roast his marshmallow :)
Ummm smores :)
Me and my little man eating smores and enjoying the camp fire :)

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